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About Us

Magical Moments Officiants has been around since 2013.  We get involved with each couple to make their day special.  If anything Magical Moments Officiants cares more about your wedding than the big company who can afford to lose the little guy.  We go out of our way to make you feel as if your wedding is our only wedding.  We put you first.  Our main officiant Rose keeps in contact with the couple throughout the process of wedding planning enough that some people say "she was more like our planner than our officiant".  Our prices reflect that we are doing this because we love weddings not because we want to cash in on our newly weds.

All weddings are special regardless of size.  Magical Moments  works hard so you don't have to.  We customize your ceremony and vows to give you a personalized wedding,.  We believe that no couple should go into debt to show their love.  Magical Moments Officiants prices are lower than most officiants, because Rose truly loves helping couples who want to have a meaningful wedding.  

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Near, far wherever you are Magical Moments will be there for your wedding day.  Not only are we there for you, all events have a second officiant on stand-by just in case.  We want everything to be perfect, so in order to do that, we always have a plan B.  Let us make your day as magical as you are.  Contact us for further information today.  

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